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Noom Review – Custom Losing Weight App Weight Loss Apps


Noom is an up and coming weight loss company centered around the use of habit and lifestyle change to achieve lasting weight loss. Their main goal is to teach subscribers healthy habits that fit into their lifestyle and create positive change toward health. Noom has gained significant popularity in recent months as their app promises to help you learn how to eat well, lose weight, and keep it off.

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The real goal of Noom is to establish and maintain healthy eating habits as well as exercise habits. With noom, there is no “diet” per se, as any and all foods and drinks are on the table. However, your goal should be learning how to eat healthy foods abundantly while limiting those that do not help support a nutritional lifestyle. The app supplies nutrition plan options as well as exercise routines, but these are generally viewed as optional as opposed to requirements for success with the program. The ideal subscriber would use the tools within the app to learn healthier eating habits that will result in weight loss.

Value for Money

The value of the app can really only be derived from the success of the user. If you were to lose weight and keep it off using the techniques the app teaches you, you’ll likely see it as a steal. Besides, paying a registered dietician, personal trainer, or health coach can certainly add up.

However, some may find the interface to be out of touch with their needs and prefer a more face-to-face approach to getting healthy. If you find that interacting with the app is not your cup of tea, you may not see the real value of a program like Noom.

When compared to other food tracking and weight loss apps, Noom is certainly up there in price. Because they tout themselves as the weight loss program that uses psychology to help you lose and maintain weight loss, you may find that Noom, while pricier, works better for you than any other program or diet you’ve tried.



  • Subscription

    Noom offers a free download of the app with a trial period before your paid subscription begins. The pain prescription options are as follows:

    $ 59 - 199
  • Monthly auto-recurring plan
    $ 59
  • 2 month auto-recurring plan
    $ 99
  • 4 month auto-recurring plan
    $ 129
  • 6 month auto-recurring plan
    $ 149
  • 8 month auto-recurring plan
    $ 159
  • Annual auto-recurring plan
    $ 199
  • These price options will get you access to the core of their program including their extensive color-coded food database, fitness instruction, access to articles written by registered dieticians, connection to community members who have similar goals, etc. For additional charges, you can also receive customized plans.

What people say

So far, the reviews for Noom seem to be trending toward the positive. Many people love the simple breakdown of green, yellow, and red tagged foods and the interactive abilities of the app. Many users say that they’ve lost weight and kept it off while enjoying the unique qualities of the app.

Noom self-reports a success rate of about 64% of their users losing 5% body weight while 60% maintain that weight loss for at least a year. These numbers come from a study performed by the British Medical Journal Open Diabetes Research & Care. Their findings concluded that Noom is a successful program for diabetes prevention, making Noom the only fully app-based program to receive recognition from the CDC for its success in this field.


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4.0 out of 5.0
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  • Overweight Expert
    Overweight Expert
    July 5, 2019 at 7:30 am

    Overall, Noom is proving itself a worthy tool in the world of weight loss. Though not everyone will love the “distance” associated with a fully app-based program, self-motivated and disciplined people are likely to have lasting success.

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