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Loseit! Review – Weight Loss Tracking App Weight Loss Apps


Lose it! is an app-based weight loss program that focuses on food tracking. The basic program allows users access to the food logging database and is completely free. For a paid monthly subscription, you can also receive personalized meal planning, fitness tracking, and macro-nutrient info. Overall, the main goal of this app is to teach users how to remain at a net-caloric deficit by allowing them easy access to calorie counting. There is also an integrated community network that users can rely on for motivation and connection to others using the app.

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When using the free version of the app, the methodology is solely based on calorie counting. Users can log food either by searching the database, scanning food barcodes, or with the newly integrated photo recognition method. Your calorie goal per day will be based on criteria like your current height, weight and activity level compared to your goal weight and desired timeframe.

With the paid subscription, you get the added effect of fitness tracking and a more detailed outline of your nutrition. These added aspects to creating a healthier you, can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals.

Value for Money

Lose it! is a solid value. Users who choose free app access may find that simply taking the time to track their intake helps them lose unwanted weight and learn about healthier eating habits. With the paid subscription only costing $3.33/month, those who commit themselves to food tracking, a regular fitness plan, and self-motivated work toward health can find themselves dropping pounds and getting fit for a fraction of the cost of a regular gym membership.



  • The basic access to food tracking and goal setting

    The basic access to food tracking and goal setting is completely free on Lose it!

  • Paid subscription

    Paid annually at $39.99.

    $ 3.33/month

What people say

The general consensus for Lose It! is positive. The app interface is simple and the food database is extensive and even includes a great many restaurant foods. When it comes to success rates, Lose It! does not necessarily provide any innovative method for weight loss that can be proven more effective. Calorie tracking is straightforward and the user should always strive for a caloric deficit that is safe but effective. If users are diligent and motivated, there’s no reason that a 100% success rate shouldn’t be achievable. One of the only complaints regarding the use of Lose It! is the time consuming nature of calorie tracking. The truth is, this is unavoidable. Of course, features like photo recognition and barcode scanning make this process more streamlined and efficient.


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  • Overweight Expert
    Overweight Expert
    July 5, 2019 at 7:32 am

    Overall those who are motivated to become more successful at controlling their own health and wellness can certainly find a handy tool in Lose It! Calorie counting is one of the most sure-fire ways to lose weight and this app makes the process as simple and streamlined as possible. With ample connectivity options for fitness trackers and community connections built-in, you’re sure to start seeing some results with continued use.

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