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The Best Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss apps are becoming more and more popular. They are mainly aimed to help you on a day to day basis in making a conscious effort to be healthy.

Apps often monitor calorie intake and exercise throughout the day everyday. When updated and input correctly, they can help verify that calories consumed are less than calories burned. This eventually will cause weight loss.

You can use weight loss apps by themselves and rely on what they suggest, or you can use them in conjunction with a program or a meal plan.

Some of them are completely free and others require a subscription which will usually give you more features such as calorie counting, pedometer, recipes, online coaching, etc .

However, unlike programs or meal plans, you need more motivation if you use app alone because monitoring everything you eat can be a time consuming task. Luckily, some weight loss programs have special mobile apps that are directly connected with their plans.

At we review the apps based on their prices, value for money and what people say about them. So you can have a better idea what you are getting before you pay any subscription fees.